UK Budget fall out?

So we nearly have had twenty-four hours to digest Phillip Hammond’s first budget, and it’s already begun. The Tory Party Bashing!

So what’s wrong with the Self-Employed paying around £250 more in their National Insurance Contributions. For years they have paid less than the employed person, so yes, it’s about time.  But for me, that is beside the point.

What really gets my goat, and nobody seems to realise it. While in 2015 when we had the General Election and part of that Tory Manifesto, promised not to touch the Self Employed National Insurance Contributions, so tell me who did the country vote for?

Besides who I actual voted for is beside the point, while I’m happy to say I didn’t vote Tory. But if my memory serves right, it was for David Cameron as Prime Minister. So tell me who we have in power, Mrs Theresa May, in my opinion, an Unelected Prime Minister, who sacked George Osbourne, who actually was a good Chancellor.

So whose fault is that we now have an unelected Prime Minister, and you ready for the answer. The fifty-two percent that voted for Brexit. So instead of moaning about the results of the budget, you voted for Brexit now learn to live with the consequences, because the best or worst is yet to come.


Is Trump Fake News?

It doesn’t matter which news channel you put on, ranging from Sky, BBC, France 24, Russia Today, Euronews, etc it’s all TRUMP, TRUMP and yet more TRUMP!

I don’t now about you, but I am fed up of hearing about Trump and his Tweets.

If President Obama had Trump’s wires tapped, so what? Ask yourself how many other citizens are having the phones tapped and have no idea? Big Brother has been watching and listening to us for years.  If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear.

But seriously, is there no other news in the world apart from TRUMP?

So President Trump, in case you are reading, stop standing in the playground and bleating. Stop this pathetic behaviour of poor hard done me.  Turn the negativity into something positive. At the moment, you appear to the playground bully who cried wolf.

So President Trump, instead of saying ‘look at me and what the establishment have done to me,’ let us have some news about the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION, tell the public what you intend to do about the wiretapping business.  Tell us what your administration is going to do about cleaning up the oceans, tell us what you are going to do in reducing plastic. Tell us what you are going to do with regard to Health Care.  Tell us how you proposed to get rid of the terrorist threat.

Or perhaps I should say, don’t tell us, because of national security, just get on with the job in hand and STOP TWEETING, and lets have a month free of DONALD TRUMP TWEETS, and perhaps can we have reduced presence on the news, so we can get some proper news, because, since your inauguration, it’s been nothing but TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP!

Anyway, President Trump, now I have my rant, good luck.

Food Waste?

For the last six months I keep hearing the subject of Food Waste, from a glut of waste carrots, the supermarkets can’t sell them because they are disfigured, the bananas are straight, I find myself asking the question, WTF what is the problem, especially when prices are constantly rising, why do you have the issue of food waste.

So there I am tonight, watching Jimmy & Jamie on C4 and they are talking about Food Waste, relating to BREAD!  Come on a staple basic food such as bread, you are telling me that bakeries are making too much bread.

After shaking my head in disbelief and go and research the subject of food waste and I can’t believe what I am reading. It’s a global problem, and I think I have the solution. If you are telling me that there is a glut of food, why don’t the supermarkets and other sellers, reduce the prices.

Looking at the price of a loaf, retailed at £1.50 why not reduce the price by at least 50%, then perhaps this would at least lessen the food waste, if that’s not enough, why not reduce the production amount.

It’s the same with disfigured carrots and bent bananas, what is the problem, why such a glut, are we importing more than is required, or is there too much legislation dictating what we should expect from a carrot or a banana?

Back to the food waste issues, having strolled through the shelves at my local supermarket tonight, looking in the reduce section, I pick up a few items and notice that some fresh produce has only been reduced by 20p, not by 50 percent or down to 20p, but reduced by 20p. Okay, then I look at the “sell by date” only to see it’s today’s date.  So as the store closes tonight, that item will end up in the dumpster tomorrow.  So why not reduce the price down to 20p and not reducing it by 20p.  Big difference.

So that item will now find it’s way into the dumpster tomorrow along with the other tonne of food waste, so where is that going? What’s my local council and the supermarket doing about the local food waste issues?

Where is the local food waste cafe?

Could they not send this to the local food banks? But then again, I hear that there is food waste at the food banks? So what is this country coming too? But then again, from my research tonight, I find that it’s not just a UK problem, it’s a global problem.

Or perhaps at 2am tomorrow morning, perhaps I should undertake a new hobby, “Dumpster Driving” at least that way, I could help my own budget and save money, while on the other hand,  I have come to the conclusion that I am living in a world full of madness, as a kid, I was told if I didn’t eat my food, those kids starving out in Biafra would be grateful. Today, with those kids still starving, I certainly think they would still be grateful for our food waste.

Or perhaps it’s another case of corporate Greed.

Brexit, Trump’s Muslim Ban and the Petition to Ban Trump!


When I first saw this I had a good laugh, however, today it’s given me something different to think about. That Brexit isn’t really about economics but more about Xenophobia.

Look at the UK, we are a multi-cultured society, we had the influx of Irish during The Great Hunger Years, days of the Great Famine, then we had the arrival of the Chinese and the Indians.  That’s just in the last one hundred and fifty years.  If you go even further back into the UK’s history, we also are a mix of Vikings, Germanic and Roman heritage, even my surname is a mix of German and Russian influence.  So why do we have this xenophobia attitude?

Across the pond, the US originally the land of the Native Indian, until the discovery by Christopher Columbas and the arrival of The Pilgrim Fathers….. WHAT? Yes, America is a land of immigrants, so really what is their problem.  Going back they have British roots in some shape or form.

So keeping to the point, firstly summing up that both the UK and the US people are full of immigrants, so what is the UK’s problem with Brexit? Fifty-two percent of the vote, expressed their wish via the referendum that they wished to leave the EU because of immigrants? Now as an Irish Russian heritage British born person I watch with horror at the Brexit vote, Trump’s inauguration, Trumps Executive order banning Muslims and now the petition to stop Trump’s state visit because it would be an embarrassment to the Queen.

My first question is “What has the World come too?” “What madness has been set in place?” “Where will it Stop”.

In my opinion, I don’t have much faith in the UK Prime Minister delivering a good quality plan for Brexit.  Furthermore, I believe Brexit to be a work of fiction, I can’t see it happening.

Meanwhile across the pond, while people believe that Trump is the best thing since sliced bread, so you really believe that Trump will make America Great again.  Personally, I believe he is one very dangerous man.  He is a danger to the world on a global basis, and this Executive Order that he has delivered nine days in office is just the beginning of major havoc that he is going to inflict on already a great nation.

As for the petition; as I write has passed the one million signatures, what a bunch of hypocrites you all are.  How many of these people that signed the petition actually voted for Brexit?

Before the UK Prime Minister left the UK, don’t you think that there would have been some kind of debate or discussion about the implications of a State Visit by current US President, and how to minimise any embarrassment towards the Queen.

So if that is the case, can you answer this question: where does this raise in xenophobia come from? Where does this hatred towards other cultures and nations come from?



Unrequited Love?

Have you ever experience it? Or are you on the receiving end and unable to reciprocate it?

What is unrequited Love?

Unrequited love or one-sided love is love that is not openly reciprocated or understood as such by the beloved. The beloved may not be aware of the admirer’s deep and strong romantic affection, or may consciously reject it. Some say that one-sided love is better than none, but like half a loaf of bread, it is likely to grow hard and mouldy sooner.

Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche considered that “indispensable…to the lover is his unrequited love, which he would at no price relinquish for a state of indifference. According to Dr Roy Baumeister, what makes a man or woman desirable, of course, is a complex and highly personal mix of many qualities and traits. But falling for someone who is much more desirable than oneself, whether because of physical beauty or attributes like charm, intelligence, wit or status, Baumeister calls this kind of mismatch “prone to find their love unrequited” and that such relationships are falling upward. According to some psychologists, opposites do attract, but it is not possible to attract those whose moral values are different

On the other hand.

The inability of the unrequited lover to express and fulfil emotional needs may lead to feelings such as depression, low self-esteemanxiety and rapid mood swings between depression and euphoria. ‘There are two bad sides to unrequited love, but only one is made familiar by our culture, that of the lover, not the rejector. In fact, research suggests that the object of unrequited affection experiences a variety of negative emotions on a par with those of the suitor, including anxiety, frustration and guilt. As Freud long since pointed out, ‘when a woman sues for love, to reject and refuse is a distressing part for a man to play.

So what does that have to do with today 25th January if you are Welsh? St. Dwynwen.

Who was St. Dwynwen?

 A 4th-century Welsh princess who lived in what is now the Brecon Beacons National Park. Dwynwen was unlucky in love, so she became a nun and prayed that true lovers have better luck than she did. We celebrate St Dwynwen’s Day – 25 January – in much the same way as people mark St Valentine’s Day on 14 February.

How did she become the Welsh patron saint of lovers?

Dwynwen was the prettiest of King Brychan Brycheiniog’s 24 daughters. She fell in love with a local lad called Maelon Dafodrill, but King Brychan had already arranged for her to marry another prince. Maelon took the news badly, so the distraught Dwynwen fled to the woods to weep, and begged God to help her. She was visited by an angel who gave her a sweet potion to help her forget Maelon, and turned him into a block of ice.

God then granted Dwynwen three wishes. Her first wish was that Maelon be thawed; second, that God helps all true lovers; and third, that she should never marry. In gratitude, Dwynwen became a nun, setting up a convent on Llanddwyn Island, a beautiful little spot on Anglesey. Her name means, ‘she who leads a blessed life’.

Incidentally, as well as being the Welsh patron saint of lovers, she’s also the patron saint of sick animals. So if your budgie’s unwell, try praying to St Dwynwen before calling the vet.

What happens on St Dwynwen’s Day?

Quite simply, it’s the most romantic day of the year in Wales. Exchanging cards and gifts, gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes over candlelit dinners, take long walks on deserted beaches, run through meadows in slow-motion while holding hands, carve lovespoons, catch up in front of roaring log fires, and put on our smartest underwear. Just in case!

Curly hair?

Ever wondered why all TV presenters have straight hair.  Tonight, I just found out the reason.  Accordingly to a Sky presenter, anyone with curly hair can’t be a presenter because it causes a problem with the blue screen? Really.

That counts me out! But I think that’s sexist and very biased. Time for a change, so calling all curly haired people, male and female. Time to complain to all TV companies, change your technology and let see some presenters with curly hair.

If that isn’t enough, curly haired people already have to contend with the following problems:

People continuously ask if your hair is naturally curly.

You can’t casually run your fingers through your hair as you might not get them back.

Your hair looks great damp, which when it dries naturally, think again.

A fringe is NOT an option.

You keep finding bobby pins in your hair in the shower.  Three weeks ago after you remember putting them in there.

You have had to stop buying sunglasses with nose pieces after getting the hair caught in them.

You spend a small fortune on hair products thinking that the perfect product is hiding from you.

You want to shout when they compliment you that your hair looks amazing, you should get it chemically straightened.

You know that your hair is curlier on one side than the other, while perfectly curled underneath.  The bit that no one ever sees.

It takes an hour to have your hair professionally straightened, make it two if you are doing it yourself.

Despite using the exact same method and products worked yesterday, you can’t reproduce the same look the following day.

Someone you live with finds one of your long curly hairs in their underwear.

You find yourself using one bottle of shampoo and 50 bottles of conditioner in a year.

You appear to still have the same amount of hair despite the shed load that you lost from your scalp today.

Humidity is NOT your friend.

Cutting one inch of hair equates to six due to shrinkage.

The only place you can brush your hair is in the shower.

It takes a day for your hair to fully dry.

Your hair randomly decides the day it will look good, especially when you have nowhere to go.

Enjoy my curly haired friend.




Does the UK really have a special relationship with the US?

Since President Trump was sworn in, there was been much talk of this special relationship between the UK and the US. Now I ask myself is it really a special relationship or is it one of influence.


The term was first presented in a speech given by UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill, 1946.   From that relationship it gave way to shared military bases, military procurement, nuclear weapons, sharing and gathering of intelligence and economic policy, but on the other hand, there was been a downside to this “special relationship” that it has given rise to wars: World War 1, World War II, The Korean War, The Cold War, The Gulf War and finally the War on Terror.


When Ronald Reagan arrived at The White House, the UK’s relationship increased, with the first UK female Prime Minister, Mrs Margaret Thatcher, turned into an “ideological soul mates’ which helped the free market, low taxes, a limited government and strong defence. The relationship between the two was similar to one of Reagan’s onscreen Hollywood romances!


The next unique partnership came with George Bush and Tony Blair. Mr Blair often referred to as Mr Bush’s Poodle. The influence that Bush had over Blair, that we actually joined the US in their War on Terror. This was followed by the Brown and Obama relationship, who stated ‘Great Britain is one of our closest and strongest allies and there are a link and bond there that will not break! That turned into anything but a special relationship. When the Coalition government arrived at Downing Street, the relationship became even more strained, especially with the rise of the Hezbollah, issues in Syria and Iran.


With the arrival of David Cameron, Mr Cameron tried to downplay the idealism of the special relationship and called for an end to the British fixation on the status of the relationship, stating that it’s a natural and mutually beneficial relationship. He said, “…I am unapologetically pro-America. But I am not some idealistic dreamer about the special relationship. I care about the depth of our partnership, not the length of our phone calls. I hope that in the coming years we can focus on the substance, not endlessly fret about the form.”


But that changed in 2015, the US President calls him “bro” and described the “special relationship” between Washington and Westminster as “stronger than it has ever been”. However In March 2016, the US President criticised the British PM for becoming “distracted” over the intervention in Libya,


Now today, with comments coming out of the White House, about Theresa May being Trump’s Maggie May? Does Mr Trump realise what that term is in reference too? Maggie May is a tale about a Liverpool Prostitute.


However, with all the stories and comments that have been told from American Women, it makes one wonder about Trump’s real feelings towards women, but one question I ask myself is “will Trump give the UK Prime Minister, Mrs Theresa May, the respect of her office, or will he treat her like many of the other so-called stories that we have heard from American Women in high ranking positions. Or will she put him his place like what she says she will? We shall see very soon.